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The Allegheny Township Vol. Fire Co. #1 is located on Fire Hall Road which is near the intersection of Bagdad Road and Garver's Ferry Road on Route 356. It was incorporated in 1941 and consisted of a 1936 Seagrave pumper. The original fire station was an old two bay garage north of the present fire station on Route 356. In 1948 a fire station was built at the present location on Fire Hall Road.


An ambulance was purchased in 1956 and the fire department provided ambulance service to Allegheny Township and the surrounding area until the Lower Kiski Ambulance Service was established. At that time the fire department donated it's ambulance to Lower Kiski.


Over the past nearly 70 years the Allegheny Twp. Vol. Fire Co. #1 has provided fire protection to the township through the dedication of its fully volunteer membership.


The fire department has endured many ups and downs throughout its existence. It has had its share of financial hardships but managed to keep its doors open and provide quality fire protection. One of the hardest times the fire department had to endure was when the fire station was destroyed by fire in 1981. Due to support by both the fire department membership and the community a new fire station was able to be built on the same site and is still being used today.


In the past most of the firefighting apparatus was either purchased used or built partially or completely buy our membership. This all changed when the availability of Federal and State grants helped the department purchase a new pumper in 1998. An International/E-One engine/pumper was purchased and was still in service til just recently when the 2013 Ford F550 mini pumper replaced the international. Through township support in the form of tax dollars the department has been able to greatly increase its quality of fire protection by building a fleet of newer reliable equipment that consists of 2001 Pierce engine/pumper, 2002 GMC/4Guys tanker, 2008 Dodge brush truck, and a 2013 Ford F-550 Mini Pumper. This equipment along with its dedicated membership allows the Allegheny Twp. Vol. Fire Co. #1 to provide quality fire protection to the residents of Allegheny Township and surrounding communities.

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